Your business is the livelihood of your family and the families of those who work with you. Despite our best efforts sometimes things go wrong. When they this happens you need a business continuity plan. Do you have a business continuity plan?

A continuity plan contains a lot of elements depending on your type of business and the threats you face. Can you continue operations if your supply chain breaks down? If your network goes down? A business plan that accounts for these things helps you weather these situations.

  • Thorough Analysis

  • Plans for Your Business

  • Real World Implementation

  • We Make Sure it Works

Continuity Planning for Business

Our Business Impact Analysis team will look at your particular way of working and determine what are critical and non-critical business functions. We will determine how long it will take to recover from various disaster scenarios.

If you don’t understand the threat, you can’t prepare to recover from it.

The next phase is the Threat and Risk Analysis where we determine what are the greatest dangers to your business continuity. These are dependent upon your industry and your particular business. Finally we’ll look at recovery procedures to ensure that if disaster strikes you are ready to implement them as quickly as possible.

Solution Design

In the Solution Design phase of Continuity Planning we determine the most cost effective recovery solutions for your business. This includes designating a team structure for recovery and determining the need for secondary work sites.

Communication is key to recovery. If it breaks down, your business will follow.

The best solution is the one that gets you up and running as quickly as possible with the minimum amount of effort. After your business is back on line, then long-term solutions can be implemented.



The Continuity Business Plan has been analyzed and solutions approved. Now it’s time to implement the plans. Policies will require changing, purchases will be made, and your staff needs to understand their responsibilities.

If you don’t know the plan, it won’t work.

Understanding the threats you face and the steps you necessary to overcome disaster are two good things but real implementation must occur for a successful Business Continuity Plan to work.


The best laid Business Continuity Plans of mice and men sometimes fail and that’s what testing is all about. We make sure our plan will work.

The best way to be sure a plan doesn’t fail is to test it and test it again.

From simple tabletop exercises to complex exercises that duplicate the real conditions of disaster, testing can be as complex or simple as make sense for your business.


Your business grows and changes and with that you must update your Continuity Business Plan model.

It worked last year, so what. Does it work today?

Each change in staffing, vendors, clients, organization structure might seem simple but it can have an effect on your Business Continuity Plan. Keep up to date and keep safe.

Business Continuity Planning

A business continuity plan is a road map for continuing operations under adverse conditions. You need one.

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