Servers – computer server solutions

Your computer servers are the backbone of your information network. Each machine must be up and doing its dedicated server function at all times of the day. There are many servers in any workplace and it’s not always easy to keep them running at peak efficiency. Your SQL servers store your valuable data and make them available to your users whenever they need the information. Your File Server keeps track of all the files your employees use on an everyday basis and allow for daily offsite backup solutions. 

A dedicated server is simply a computer doing a job like sending and receiving emails or allowing access to the files that your company uses. We can help ensure your dedicated servers are doing their job and doing it well.

Our colocation servers are housed in an environment with backup power supply, state-of-the-art fire suppression systems, built in redundancy and all the necessary features of the modern information age.

Even if you don’t choose to move your servers to our colocation environment we’re happy to give you whatever help you need. If you want to plan on a server upgrade, we’re here. If you want to configure your system to be better optimized, we’re here. If you want to install a brand new system, we’re here. We’ve helped plan, build, and maintain servers for everything from a small business to enterprise operations.

Our technicians know how to make sure your system is up and running at peak efficiency. Call today and we’ll be there today. If things aren’t right don’t waste time. Don’t “live with it” for now. We’ll analyze the system and offer actionable solutions.



Computer Servers

Dedicated servers always working. Our colocation Server setup is ideal for the modern business world where your data is vital to producing results. Every hour your servers aren’t functioning is lost revenue. We’ll keep you up and running and minimize if not eliminate all downtime.

Servers – computer server solutions

HPUX Servers

HP provides a proven operating environment delivering a resilient UNIX platform that ensures your mission-critical applications are always-on and secure without compromise.

We are big proponents of HPUX servers. We will help make sure your UNIX system of dedicated servers is always on and always servicing your team.

Linux Servers

Linux distributions are excellent server operating systems and quite prominent tools in the IT support industry.

With an open-source model Linux servers are priced right and highly popular. It is not just a low-cost tool, Linux is used by many of the biggest companies in the world. Why not let Linux be your dedicated server company?

Windows Servers

Windows Server powers many of the worlds’ largest datacenters, enables small businesses around the world, and delivers value to organizations of all sizes in between.

We support every level of Windows servers including 2012. Microsoft understands business and their Windows servers are right for you.

Top Features

  • HPUX Servers

  • UNIX Servers

  • LINUX Servers

  • Windows Servers

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