How Our Computer Support Helps You

Providing Computer Support means ensuring that your staff has the computer resources they need when they need them. You can call and speak to our IT help desk technicians who will determine what you need and provide the appropriate resource as fast as possible. In many cases, we can solve your computer support problem remotely, but when you want on-site help, you can expect a knowledgeable technician fast.

Desktop Support

We provide the day to day computer support that keeps your staff productive. We provide assistance with software installations, user security, file permissions, email account issues, virus removal; these are the day to day desktop support issues that we resolve.

Server Support

Servers are the most used, least seen devices in your network. They are essential to daily operations and you need a fast response when servers stop working. Our expert IT staff will help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide monitoring, data backup, log review, and emergency response. We’re there for you with computer support when you need it.

Fast Friendly Service

You want problems solved quickly. You want a technician to speak plain language that you can understand. You want people who are polite and courteous. You want to feel fairly treated. Acumen Computer Support gives you the confidence that your business will be running properly, and that helps you sleep at night.

Computer Support

Computer Support

About our Computer Support

If the onsite computers in your office aren’t running properly then it is costing you money. We want you to succeed. Call today.

How Our Computer Support Helps You

Help Desk Services

Our technicians are available for phone consultations to solve your immediate computer support issues. Call us today and we can help.

Many computer issues can be solved quickly and easily with a simple phone call. Don’t waste hours trying to solve something our technicians have seen a hundred times before.

Remote Support

Our remote support tool allows our technicians to access your computer and make necessary changes while you watch. This powerful tool allows us to see exactly what’s going on and make the fixes as quickly as possible.

Our remote computers support tool is super easy to use. Click the button, run the application, tell us the code and we’re able to log-on to your machine and figure out what’s wrong.

Onsite Support

Some computer problems are more complex and require that we stop by your office to find a solution. We’re centrally located in St. Louis, MO at highway 64 (40) and 170.

If you live anywhere near St. Louis we can drop by for a quick fix. It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-term client or need a one-time solution. We will help.

Security Services

Your onsite computers are constantly the target of attacks where you realize it or not. Our computer support team can help stop attacks and help you recover from successful attacks.

There are many layers to onsite computer support security and we can help you decide what action is appropriate for your business model. Security issues are not something that can wait until tomorrow. If you computers are at risk then you business is at risk.

Managed Services

Our managed services are designed for every business need. We work with small companies and enterprise businesses. With a monthly fee you can play your budget properly.

Talk to us today about setting up a simple, monthly billable service to provide you with computer support.

Top Features

  • Windows and Linux Support

  • Remote Support

  • Onsite Visits

  • Device Monitoring

  • Phone Support

  • Help Desk

  • Friendly Service